Mission & Vision

FOREWORD The Defence Services Personnel induce our admiration while in service. On becoming ex-servicemen, they deserve our ovation and support while leading a retired life of creativity, in services to the nation and society.

The need for an Ex-servicemen’s organization inspired by the values of national consciousness and service to nation was felt. Consequently, the concept of ‘Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad’ was conceived in Uttar Pradesh in 1992. The idea was so vibrant that it spread like wild fire. The first All India conference of the Sainik Parishad was convened in November 1995. It was registered as All India body on 14th September 1999, at Delhi, in the name of “Akhil Bhartiya Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad (ABPSSP)” under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registration No. S35592 of 1999.

At present, more than 3 lakh Ex-servicemen and their families are spread in all the nooks and corners of our country and about 60,000 soldiers retire every year. This category of the population is educated, disciplined, dedicated and nationalist with strong character but neglected by the Society and Govt, both. There are lots of self centred and localized ex-servicemen organizations existing in the country but no one is with the ideology and aims to serve the nation and society, even after retirement, as is the case with ABPSSP.

A unique feature of ABPSSP is its dedicated cadre of full time honorary workers who tour their areas of responsibility for 10 to 15 dyas in a month. It is their dedication and selfless work the motivates others to contribute their might to social service projects. Beginning in 1998, the ABPSSP has, no of now, adopted 13 villages of our post independence Ward Heories/ Gallantry Award Winners and Martyrs for general development and social upliftment, as also, honouring the war heores and their families by organising special functions in the respective villages

Our Aims and Objectives:

Service to the Nation – To utilize ESM (Ex-Servicemen) as a resource for national integration, unity, harmony, and its internal security.

Constructive Approach Towards Social Challenges – To utilize the disciplined and dedicated ESM force for enhancing/ developing educational skills, health care, cleanliness and social upliftment, especially, in remote/ rural areas.

Honourable Resettlement of Ex-Servicemen – To look after the resettlement of ESM with honour and dignity besides well being and welfare of their families and their dependants with utmost endeavours to resolve their problems in the retired life.

Our Vision:

To make ‘Akhil Bharatiya Poorva Sainik Seva Parishad’ (ABPSSP), an APEX apolitical Ex-Servicemen’s organisation, to serve the nation and society, through its members acting in unison, in ‘DESH HIT, SAMAJ HIT and SAINIK HIT.’

Our Mission:

(a) To render all possible assistance and extend maximum cooperation to the Government / security forces/ agencies to enable them to defend every inch of our territory and safe guard every citizen of the country there by ensuring integrity and unity of the country.

(b) To support to the maximum extent possible, National level programmes of the Government of India eg., ‘Swach Bharat,’ ‘Ek Desh aur Ek Jan’ and ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’ linking it up with War Heroes/ Gallantry Award Winners and Martyrs.

(c) To ensure continued growth and well being of the ABPSSP, make all out efforts to attain the understated targets, in the time frame indicated below:-

(i) The ‘ABPSSP’ must encompass all the States & Union Territories of India, by having its active units
in all the States and Prants including Union Territories.

(ii) The ‘ABPSSP’ must increase its organizational membership by ten percent each year for the next
five years and more, thereafter.